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07 / 2006
Vybrali pro vás: TR - Tomáš Rosa, JP - Jaroslav Pinkava, PV - Pavel Vondruška, VK - Vlastimil Klíma

Nová norma pro hashovací funkce - AHS (Advanced Hash Standard) - prozatímní ?asový plán

A tentative timeline for this process is proposed below, as a starting point for discussion at the next (the Second) Cryptographic Hash Workshop. The proposed timeline takes the following factors into consideration:
  • The timeline is uncertain because NIST has not yet decided when to initiate the competition. NIST will hold at least two more public workshops on hash functions before making this decision.
  • After NIST initiates the competition, NIST expects the timeline to be similar to that of the AES development (Appendix A), although this is also subject to adjustment.
  • As in the AES competition, NIST intends to schedule the hash function workshops in conjunction with other workshops and conferences, perhaps having back-to-back events to minimize travel by interested parties and to maximize attendance.
  • FIPS 180-2 (the Secure Hash Standard) is scheduled for a review in 2007 and again in 2012. It would be unrealistic to develop additional hash functions by 2007; a more reasonable goal is to complete the process by 2012.
Zdroj: http://www.csrc.nist.gov/pki/HashWorkshop/timeline.html
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